ACS Assessments - Domestic Courses available in Sheffield

ACS Domestic Course

The aim of this course is to provide gas operatives with information on legislation and training in both the practical and theoretical aspects of domestic gas safety in preparation for their initial CCN1 assessments.

All operatives and heating engineers who install, commission and repair domestic gas appliances must hold the relevant qualifications for the areas of work that they carry out. Operatives are required to obtain qualifications under the Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS). The certification scheme is regulated by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). ACS certificates need to be renewed every five years.

Our ACS Core Domestic Gas Safety course consists of full training and will provide candidates with relevant up to date knowledge prior to completion of their assessments. You can only legally work on gas installations in the UK if you hold Gas Safe Registration. To qualify for Gas Safe Registration, you must hold a valid ACS gas qualification.

Initial CCN1

Initial CCN1 (Core Domestic Gas Safety) consists of up to 2 days if required, of practical and written training followed by 2 days of assessment covering:

  • Gas safety legislation
  • Gas emergency actions and procedures
  • Characteristics of combustion
  • Ventilation
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Test for tightness
  • Checking and/or setting meter regulators
  • Identification of unsafe situations and use of emergency notices and warning labels
  • Operation of and positioning of emergency isolation controls and valves
  • Checking and setting appliance burner pressures and gas rates
  • Operation and checking of gas safety devices and controls
  • Flueing standards
  • Flue testing
  • Installation of open, balanced and fan-assisted flue systems
  • Establishing existing gas supply and re-light appliances
  • Domestic Appliance Assessments

CPA1 - Combustion Performance Analysis Course

Now included in the CCN1 

  • Investigate factors that may affect combustion
  • Safe and accurate use of a flue gas analyser to take CO/CO2 ratios
  • Adjustments needed to remedy combustion problems

The CPA1 course is for plumbing & heating installers who need to measure CO/CO2 ratios as part of their day to day work. It is now required by the Gas Safe Register as proof that engineers are competent to carry out CO/CO2 analysis on any appliances they are working on.

The Appliance Courses

After completing Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) candidates are eligible to take any of the following courses which can include both practical and written training if required as courses are tailored to suit individual requirements:

Central Heating Boilers/Water Heating Appliances (CENWAT1)

This module will extend an operative's scope of work to include the installation and maintenance of domestic gas fired central heating boilers/hot water circulators and domestic gas fired instantaneous water heaters. (1/2 day training and 1/2 day assessment.)

Cooker Appliances (CKR1)

On completion, this will allow the operative to install and maintain gas fired cookers. (1/2 day training and 1/2 day assessment.)

Fires and Wall Heaters (HTR1)

Completion of this module will extend an operative's scope of work to include the installation and maintenance of domestic gas fired space heaters, including gas fires and wall heaters. (1/2 day training and 1/2 day assessment.)

Meters (MET1)

Completion of this module allows the operative to install, exchange and disconnect domestic gas meters. (1/2 day training and 1/2 day assessment.)

Warm Air Heaters (DAH1)

On completion operatives will be able to install, service and maintain domestic warm air units. (1/2 day training and 1/2 day assessment.)


Our ACS training courses give you:

  • Increased confidence
  • Up-to-date knowledge
  • A wider variety of work opportunities
  • Friendly support at the end of a phone whenever you need it

Does It Apply to Me?

This course is for operatives who want full training, assessment and certification to enable them to legally work on gas appliances, or for candidates who have completed a relevant qualification (Gas Foundation Course) in preparation for ACS. CCN1 is a pre-requisite for all appliance assessments.

What Now?

Our flexible approach to innovative training solutions can be tailored to suit you, whether you require a one-off refresher or a long-term, structured programme. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Gas Training UK Ltd.